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Black “Duck Face” Hoodie

Black “Duck Face” Hoodie

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Elevate your streetwear game with DEAR CLOUDZ Black "Duck Face" Hoodie. This hoodie isn't just a clothing item; it's a statement. Designed for those who seek both comfort and style, it perfectly pairs with our Urban Joggers to create a fresh, all-day look. Generously sized and crafted for durability, this hoodie is a staple for any fashion-forward wardrobe.

Ali & Yalee's Artistic Expression: Featuring the exclusive Black "Duck Face" this piece showcases Ali & Yalee's creative genius sense. Adorned with gold and white designs, it's a visual representation of a combination from Ali's artistic style and Yalee's musical themes and artistic style, spread artistically across the hoodie.

Style and Comfort:

  • Oversized Fit: Offering a comfortable, boxy fit, this hoodie is designed for those who appreciate a relaxed and contemporary look.
  • Soft and Durable: Made with a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it promises softness and durability, ensuring it stands the test of time and trend.
  • Unique Color Palette: The hoodie comes in various pigment-dyed colors, each adding a distinct touch to your ensemble.

Easy Care for Busy Lives: DEAR CLOUDZ commitment to quality and convenience, this hoodie is easy to care for – we recommend you dry clean.

Customization Ready: Reflecting Ali & Yalee's spirit of individuality, this hoodie is designed with tear-away tags, making it perfect for customization and personal expression.

Special Note on Dye Process: Each hoodie in our garment-dyed collection has its unique variations in texture and shade, contributing to its authentic and distinctive appearance. We recommend washing separately and following care instructions to maintain its unique qualities

Oversized street style hoodie 

Special Dye Process Notice: Reflecting Yalee's dedication to unique style, and Future Phase Productions' commitment to quality, this hoodie undergoes a special dye process. This gives it an authentic, individual look, which requires careful handling as per our care instructions to maintain its distinct appearance.

Oversized street style hoodie.
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