Yalee "My Outside Is Different" [EP]

Yalee "My Outside Is Different" [EP]

Yalee's latest EP, "My Outside Is Different," presented by Future Phase Productions, is not just a collection of songs but a profound narrative of survival, strength, and sincerity. This four-track EP, deeply personal and emotionally charged, embodies Yalee's journey through life's most challenging moments, transforming trauma into a source of inspiration.

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A Journey Through Sound and Story:

  • "God Stay With Me": The EP opens with a raw glimpse into the struggles of neighborhood life, setting the tone for a journey of introspection and reality.
  • "Candles": This track vividly portrays the hardships of poverty, symbolized by using candles for light and an oven for heat, further intensifying the narrative.
  • Title Track - "My Outside Is Different": Here, Yalee delves into the aftermath of witnessing a friend's shooting, expressing vulnerability and the often-overlooked need for emotional support.
  • "Mental Health": The EP concludes with a reflective piece on the impact of his grandmother's death, highlighting the crucial theme of mental health and personal healing.

More Than Music - A Cinematic Experience: Accompanying the EP is a short film, bringing to life Yalee's poignant lyrics and powerful storytelling. This visual journey enhances the emotional depth of each song, creating an immersive experience that transcends music.

Artistic Evolution: Yalee, an Ohio-born artist with a passion for authenticity, has evolved over the past eight years into a voice of truth and healing in the hip-hop community. "My Outside Is Different" marks a pinnacle in his career, showcasing his ability to blend dark, real-life experiences with hopeful, inspiring messages.

A Call to Healing: Through his music and performances, Yalee invites listeners to confront their own stories, offering his art as a form of therapy and inclusion. This EP is a testament to Yalee's commitment to not just creating music, but fostering a space for collective healing and understanding.

Listen to "My Outside Is Different" on iHeartRadio and embark on a journey with Yalee, where every beat and lyric is a step towards resilience and empathy.


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